The Hanging of the Hartlepool Monkey

Competition artwork based on the Legend of the hanging of the Hartlepool monkey.

The story goes that during the Napoleonic wars (of the early 19th century) a French ship ran aground in a storm off Hartlepool (north eastern England). The only survivor was a monkey dressed in a small French uniform. The locals not understanding its foreign language assumed it was a French spy.
After a brief trial, where the monkey was unable to defend itself, the townsfolk took the poor creature to the town square and hanged him!
Whatever the truth is, the Legend has endured for over 200 years.
Residence of Hartlepool are known as “monkey hangers”!

D-day 75th Anniversary

My tribute to the memories of those that fought and served in the D-day campaign and liberation of Europe.

British accounts stated seeing Tommies setting up little gas cookers and serving tea during their battle up the beach!

I am forever grateful to them for the life and freedom I have in France. May we never forget.


Top 9 of 2018

Here are my top nine illustrations for this year, I had great fun working on these projects!
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël to all you good folk who follow me on here!
Cheers, Loz

Save the Bees!

Two illustrations to raise awareness for dwindling Bee populations, due to pesticides, loss of habitat due to urbanization, climate change, invasive alien species and pathogens.